Five Keys To Giving A Great Speech

Here are my five tried and tested keys to giving a great speech whether it’s for 4, 40 or 400 people:

By Portavoce



Understanding how to use your voice and any equipment you may need is crucial. Have you ever been at a speech or presentation where the speaker doesn’t know how to hold the microphone and it’s too close to their mouth or too far away you can’t hear anything? Or have you been at a speech where the front row can hear but you can’t? Measuring and overcoming distance between a stage and an audience is vital.


I’ll admit it I’ve tried to tell a joke at a speech and it didn’t land. The audience looked at me with blank faces and I had to move on to the next part of my speech. You need to ‘triple down’ on your strengths when speaking in public. If you are a super passionate speaker who can’t tell jokes, be authentic. Be that guy or girl. Don’t try and be someone you’re not.


 This is applicable not only for the length of your speech and presentation. Don’t over run. It’s also important for your delivery. Speaking in one flat approach isn’t good for you or your audience. You need to know when to inject pace and passion. Slowing it right down and focusing on the details can help you maintain the audience’s attention.

speech timing


Be Memorable.


 What you say is important. It has to be right for the audience and it has to be delivered in your own style. Don’t copy a Barack Obama speech or delivery because the prose and presentation is globally recognised.

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Portavoce offers Public Speaking Coaching

Portavoce offers Public Speaking Coaching