What is a wedding planner and why do you need one?

Dependant on who I speak to I either get asked “what do you do?” and “why should I hire you?” or get told I offer an invaluable service which people wish they had thought to use when they got married. As a result, I thought it would be beneficial to explain exactly what a wedding planner can bring to your planning process and wedding day.

By Exquisite Ivory Events

I have no doubt a lot of you will associate a wedding planner with being “luxury”, “expensive” or even “unnecessary”. You may have watched Father of the Bride and envisage an extravagant wedding planner who takes over the wedding planning, doubles or triples the wedding budget and runs around with a clip board and head set. That is not the case.

As a wedding planner it is my job to bring your dreams to reality, whilst helping you to stay on budget

It is your special day. The day you have dreamed of since you were a little girl or boy, or since you met the person of your dreams, so it is easy to get a bit over excited and pin 1000 pictures to your Pinterest board or scrap book, turning your £5,000 budget, into a £50,000 wedding. As a wedding planner, it is our job to get you the best price and make sure you stay on budget or even come in under budget. Any extra expenses will be considered and because you chose to spend that bit extra, for something you decided you really wanted and not because you cannot manage your budget.

Spend more time as you, but remain involved

Of course you can plan your own wedding, but when you consider how much time you will have to spend researching for your special day, whilst juggling a full time job, a social life and possibly a family, do you really want to?

Why research and wait for replies when someone else can do it?

I’m sure you have joined every Facebook group, follow every Instagram account and friends and family have given you every wedding magazine available to help you find suppliers. You have probably emailed and called every supplier you liked and are waiting for quotes from the 100 different suppliers, with your inbox overflowing with emails to read, rate and reply to. Which ones to do you follow up on? How do you know from that single email if they will suit your personality and theme and make your day exactly how you dreamed?

Wedding planners won’t take away control of your wedding. We will narrow down your choices to 2 or 3 suppliers based on the vision you have of your wedding, selected theme and budget and no one else’s. Every supplier will be selected to meet your needs and then it will be your choice which suppliers are selected to give an exact quote. As your wedding planner we will accompany you to consultations if required or go on your behalf if you are unable to go.

At the end of the day my job is to make your life easier and make the wedding process as stress free as possible, whilst ensuring you remain in complete control of the process.

A wedding planner doesn’t have to be outside out your budget.  I offer a range of packages to suit your individual needs and will tailor your package to your individual needs. It is your day, so make sure your wedding is what you want and not the stressful process it can be.

Planning a wedding can be a full time job even when it’s in the United Kingdom. On top of that, if you want a destination wedding to somewhere as beautiful as the French Riviera, do you really have enough time to make it a stress free enjoyable experience? As a wedding planner, we take pride in doing thorough research to find you the best location, suppliers and prices, taking the stress off of your shoulders, whilst still keeping you involved in the planning process.


Your day your way

Do you really want your father to run around putting out spot fires, making sure the flowers turn up when the florist breaks down and pay the toast master? Do you really want to be the person making sure your maid of honour is served a dairy free meal when the caterer loses the list of guests’ dietary requirements? Some venues have coordinators, however they do not know you and will not take as much care to ensure everything is exactly how you dreamed. As a wedding planner, it is my job to work with you to take away the stress and turn your dreams into reality, thereby making the day enjoyable for you and those important to you.

If you want the day to be about you, without you or your family having to handle the stress of the day, then hire a wedding planner. We will be there for the duration of the day and know exactly how you want your day to be.

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Exquisite Ivory Events offers luxury wedding planning

Exquisite Ivory Events offers luxury wedding planning