Camera Kit for Filming Weddings

This is just some of the toys equipment I use daily. Whilst there are plenty of alternatives out there, in each category, these are the items that I find suit me and the work I do.

Sony A7iii Wedding Videographer

Main Camera - Sony A7iii

This camera can do it all, from run and gun weddings, to tripod mounted interviews and even hanging out the back of a car. The quality packed into such a small form factor still blows me away after over a year with it. 

Sony A6500 Wedding Videographer

B Camera - Sony A6500

Every bit as capable as the main camera, just not as good when you take it for a walk. I use this mainly for alternative locked-off shots for interviews, ceremonies and other events. 

DJI Ronin S Wedding Videographer

Stabiliser - DJi Ronin-S

The little motors that work tirelessly to keep the camera steady in even the roughest situations are nothing less than mind blowing. After the camera, this is the next essential tool that I never leave home without. 

DJI Mavic Air Wedding Videographer

Drone - DJI Mavic Air

Goes where no other camera can. A completely unique perspective that never fails to add that added feeling of cinema to any film.

Rode Wireless Go Wedding Videographer

Microphones - Rode Wireless Go (and others)

Perfect audio is rarely possible outside of a studio, but you can get pretty close with these wireless lapel mics. Cutting out the noise and chatter, straight to the important stuff.

Apple MacBook Pro 15 inch 2019 Wedding Videographer

Editing Station - Apple MacBook Pro 15”

None of this kit means anything unless it is edited together at the end of it all. To do that, you need the best and for me, the best is the Apple MacBook Pro. Simply put, it just works. Unless you spill an entire can of Coke over it, then it works less well...

Adam Hughes