Why you should always wear shoes when working from home

Wake up, pour yourself a coffee, grab the laptop for some pre-work work. A few emails answered, handful of YouTube videos watched and its a couple of hours into the day and time for a shower, some actual clothes and a bite to eat. Then, into the home office to start work properly.

Sound familiar? Well, we all need a little kick to get going sometimes, but I can tell you that the absolute best way to start your day, is to put some shoes on your feet!


When we work in an office we usually have a fairly solid morning routine: Wake up, shower, clothes on, breakfast (coffee), shoes on, out the door and off to work. So, why do we shirk part of this when working from home or freelancing?

I have spent the last two weeks adding one tiny little thing into my morning routine - putting shoes on when I get dressed. The change in my proactivity is enormous and I cannot stop recommending it to people, who also find the same things happens to them! 

Even on our most disciplined days, we miss this one little detail that usually tells our brain "time to get working properly, we're off out into the world". 

By lacing up your favourite Converse, slipping on your shiniest loafers or squeezing into your favourite trainers that you're not allowed to wear in public because he won't be seen dead with you in them, we do the final step of waking up and engage our bodies properly for the start of the working day.

I'd be really interested to hear if it works for you. So give it a go, let me know how it is for you and don't forget, you could even take the excuse to break in those new patent shoes you're wearing to wedding next month!