Logo Design - The Dark Art

Designing a logo is simple.

All I have to do is get what’s inside your head, into my head and on to paper.

Just like I said. Simple.


Simple Logo Design?

And if you didn’t pick up on that favourite British tone, sarcasm, then let me tell you, designing a logo is anything but simple, even when a client requests a “simple” logo design. But don’t misconstrue my tone for not liking the task, quite the contrary, i enjoy the challenge, much like all of the graphic design work I do.

There’s a huge creative collaboration element that goes into designing a logo and it can often provide some very interesting conundrums. To put it in to perspective; think of a lion, now make that lion you are thinking of, blue and now make it sit down. I guarantee that not one of us reading this blog will have the same version in our head, and this, essentially is what logo design is like.

My client will have an idea of their logo, they may have even sketched the logo design out, or may be able to provide me with some other companies logo designs they like the look of. It’s now my job to interpret those designs and provide a logo that fits with their brand image.

Logo Design Process

In designing the logo I will work closely with the client at all times and often it requires many revisions. I will research their company, discuss their vision and understand their company ethos. On designing the logo I will then also consider Typography elements, where the logo design will be used e.g. letterheads, websites or even embroidered on to company uniforms, all of these elements need to be considered in order to provide a useable logo design that can be recreated wherever it is needed across the business.

A logo is such a fundamental part of a businesses identity that it needs to be right. Sometimes the logo will be an evolution of a previously designed logo, or even the unification of two, where businesses have merged.

As the title says, logo design is a dark art, but I look forward to working with you and creating one you love.