Finding the Style of your Promotional Film

Corporate/promotional videos don`t have to be dull and boring. More and more companies are finding value in hiring a videographer that is capable of producing an entertaining and engaging video that will satisfy even the most demanding expectations. 

Let’s focus on hiring a professional videographer to cover a particular event. 

If you want to have an outstanding event video (corporate retreat, summer party, conference to name a few) there are several key things you need to keep in mind, we will touch on others soon but for now, the important first step is: Finding the Style of your Promotional Film  


The point is to ensure that the video style will match your corporate persona. If you’re a big tech giant, having a childlike backing track wouldn’t really suit. Similarly if you run a nursery, having an epic Avengers trailer style video would not send the right message to your potential customers. 

The only way to discover what fits your need is to discuss with your videographer about the current trends in videography, pair them up with trends in your industry, and come to an informed decision on what you truly want, and expect from your final video. 

What I do at Alchemist is to first and foremost, setup a ‘Discovery Session’. Usually taking the form of an informal meeting with the key people responsible in your business for having the video produced. In a discovery session I, your videographer, take time to find out about your business, the look and feel you portray through already established media outlets (your visual language), and most importantly we discover the personality of your company. 

Once this initial session is done your videographer, and you, have a much better understanding about what is expected of both parties, to make this video exceed the expectations of the most discerning of viewers!  

Coming up in this series of articles, we will be taking a look at what happens next: Finding locations to shoot, storyboarding and starting to film.