Top 5 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Videographer

You’re getting married, congratulations! You’re well underway with planning your wedding, venue booked, tasting sessions attended, florist consultation done, photographer booked, all looking good so far. But wait, you want your day filmed and have no idea what you should be asking your videographer to make sure you’re going to get the best film for your big day!

wedding videography

Here are my top 5 questions to ask your wedding videographer

  1. What does your videographer cost?

    An easy one this right? Well, you need to make sure you know exactly what’s included, and what isn’t included, in the quoted price. Ask your wedding videographer for a breakdown of exactly what you’re getting for your money, be sure to ask about any additional expenses costs.

  2. When do I need to pay?

    Most wedding videographers will charge a deposit at the time of booking, with the balance to be paid at a later date. Make sure you know what that date is and mark it in your calendar!

  3. Who will be there on the wedding day?

    A lot of wedding videographers work solo and it’s ofter the person you met at the wedding fair, or the person responding to your emails/messages, but make sure you check. You don’t want to be expecting Adam to turn up, but Eve arrives with camera in hand on the morning of your wedding, when you have your mind on other things! Similarly, check how many people will be coming.

  4. Do you need feeding?

    Yes. I can answer this one straight away, you should expect to feed your videographer on the day, but it absolutely need not be with your nearest and dearest. Most venues and caterers will provide a separate meal for crew/staff, so make sure you ask them about that.

  5. When will I get my wedding film?

    You need to have this conversation before the day so you know when to expect the final wedding film from your videographer. It might be within a week if you’re having a trailer to share on social media, but if it’s a longer film with the full ceremony and reception speeches, this takes a lot more time. It also helps to know so that when your guests ask during the day, you actually have an answer for them!

  6. BONUS QUESTION: What are you wearing?

    The one that always gets overlooked! You need to make sure you discuss with your wedding videographer, what they will be wearing on the day. Chances are it’s a shirt and trousers, but just double check, the last thing you want is someone in ripped jeans and a t-shirt with ‘CREW’ on the back, in the background of your photos. Do expect them to wear comfortable footwear possibly trainers, the movements involved in wedding videography require smooth ‘ninja’ walking which is impossible in leather soled shoes!

That’s it! Super simple list of questions to ask your videographer!

If you’re in the process of looking for a videographer, be sure to check out our gallery and get in touch!