How to find your Wedding Video Style for 2021

Knowing what style of wedding video you want can be a challenge when planning your big day. Here's our guide to getting it right in 2021.



If you’re not sure what style you should have for your 2021 wedding film, then this blog should help you decide.

One of the very first questions I ask my clients is “What style of film would you like?” and for some reason this always seems to stump people. The assumption is that I should be telling you how the film will look but, it’s your day, your film and I want, more than anything, for it to be something you cherish.

You absolutely cannot give me too many ideas of what you like, whether it’s ideas you’ve saved on Pinterest, videos you like on YouTube or just colour styles you’ve loved the look of on Instagram these all help me build a picture of what you want.

wedding film

Dark and Dramatic?
Ok. Got it.

Floral and Light? Not a problem.

A certain colour grade and style? On it.


What if you don’t know what style you want?

So, how do we find your style? A big concern is often “what if I don’t know what style I want?” If you’re not sure, don’t worry! We can discuss this at our first get together. I can show you examples of my work, we can look through all the media outlets we have at our fingertips and find something you love.

During this initial meeting I will also ask some key questions to make sure I capture parts of your day that are important to you. Maybe you would love some shots of your special Auntie or your best friend's child playing with the giant Jenga. Quite simply you can never give me too much information. I’ll scribble it all down incoherently in my trusty notebook, in my almost illegible handwriting (I should have been a doctor) and my mind will start to translate all this in to creating a cinematic experience for you.


Indoors, Outside or Even Overhead 

Another thing you may want to think about is where your shots will take place. Inside, Outside or even overhead (I use a drone if you would like these). And your styles may change dependent on these and the natural way the lights and buildings lend themselves to being filmed.


Music Maestro

And lastly let me know what sort of music you would like. I don’t mean whether you want Ed Sheeran or Jay-Z but whether you would prefer something classical or modern, slow or upbeat. The music plays a huge part of telling your story and evoking emotion. If you have a band playing or a choir, I’ll be sure to get some of them too.


And Lastly…

What sort of video would you like? I do everything from a full day, to a sixty-second video for Instagram and everything in-between. You may want a combination of things and again I can tailor these to your wishes (and budget).

A whole day video is perfect for family members that may live too far away to come to the wedding. You may even want some filming of the day before, or even the day after, let me know and never be scared to ask!

Whatever wedding videography package you choose I’ll still tailor the shots to you

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