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Is Coronavirus changing weddings forever?



Has coronavirus changed the face of weddings forever?

There is absolutely no denying that Covid-19 has changed the world we know forever. We have had to adapt to new challenges, overcome new hurdles and be creative in everything we do.

Great challenges can be the catalyst to monumental changes and as I was showering this morning, I was musing of how things may change in my line of work over the coming years. With restrictions in place on weddings, travel bans and lockdowns will be see a new type of wedding? The virtual wedding for want of a better word.

And whilst these may not be truly “Virtual” weddings, how do we include everyone we love in our special day if they cannot be there in person?

virtual weddings


Here’s my ideas for how virtual weddings could happen in the future


1. The Traditional Wedding Film

This is the films you are used to seeing. And the ones I am used to shooting. Whilst not strictly virtual, they offer a means of everyone involved with you as a couple being able to watch your special day.

Generally my filming captures everything from bridal prep, to the ceremony, first dance and speeches. They offer behind the scenes glimpses that even the guests in attendance won’t have seen and capture all those magical moments that a busy bride and groom won’t have seen.

Once the final edits have been completed the final film can be distributed to anyone you wish. Whether it’s on DVD, USB or via a YouTube link. Ensuring everyone gets to enjoy your day, even if they aren’t there.


2. The Feature Film

Now, lets assume that the restrictions on weddings may stay in place longer than we would like. Meaning only 5 people are allowed in attendance, this is the registrar, bride and groom and the two witnesses required by law. The plan here would be to record the audio only.

Whilst a static film camera could also be set up to record the ceremony if required.

Once the audio recording is taken, later in the year a cinematic film would be created, think slow-mo walks across a beach or your favourite place which will then be edited in to a beautiful cinematic wedding film overlaid with music and audio from your wedding ceremony.


3. Live Streaming

With all the technology at our fingertips it’s entirely possible to live stream a wedding.



4. To share your experience with the next generations


Hopefully, the wedding is only the amazing start of your bright future and the day that creates a sturdy foundation for a strong loving family of yours. So, imagine looking back on it at a huge family gathering 10, 20, 30, 40 or even more years after the big day.

You’ll show your grandkids how grandma looked on her ceremony, how young the granddad was, how much fun they had and how they managed to carry the love, the respect and the loyalty through all of the years they managed to stay together.. Won’t that be just the coolest thing ever? The modern technologies professional wedding videographers have access to will make that totally possible.


5. To remember the loved ones


Finally, that video will capture the loved ones the merciless time will inevitably take. Once you get older and the people you love start leaving the Earth for a better place, you’ll cherish the  footage of your mom wiping your tears off before the ceremony, your grandma giving you the valuable advice, you and your dad sharing a father-daughter dance, your family getting together to support you on the most important day of your life, even more. That’s the priceless bonus of hiring a videographer and getting your wedding professionally filmed and edited.