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A Celebration of Love and Personal Touches: The Wedding of Hollie and Callum

Hollie & Callum - Grangefields - Summer Wedding Film

Nestled in the picturesque setting of the Lake District, Hollie and Callum's journey began with a proposal that set the bar for romance. Under a fairy-lit pergola, amidst roses and champagne, Callum asked Hollie to spend forever with him, marking the beginning of their wedding planning adventure. Their vision for the big day was clear: a celebration that was unmistakably them, aiming for the party of the year with a relaxed, yet elegant atmosphere. And so, their story unfolded at Grangefields, a venue that captured their hearts and perfectly embodied their wedding theme.

The Wedding Theme

Hollie and Callum's wedding was a testament to their love story, imbued with personal touches that made the day uniquely theirs. Opting for a less-is-more approach, they achieved an elegant yet laid-back vibe that allowed the venue's natural beauty and the joy of their celebration to shine through. Their decision to host the wedding at Grangefields came after a quest that took them as far as Italy, but it was the charm and flow of Grangefields that ultimately felt like home.

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The Venue: Grangefields

Grangefields wasn't just a venue; it was the backdrop to their dream wedding, offering separate rooms for each part of the day, eliminating the need for re-dressing spaces. The strategic placement of the bar ensured the dance floor was never empty, embodying the couple's wish for a continuous celebration. The food, service, and overall experience at Grangefields were lauded by guests, making Hollie and Callum's wedding planning journey not just stress-free, but thoroughly enjoyable.


Unforgettable Moments

From the ceremony accompanied by the Riverside String Quartet to welcome drinks that eschewed traditional choices for Aperol Spritz and Peroni, each element of Hollie and Callum's wedding was carefully curated to reflect their personalities. The couple's music choices, spanning the entire day, were particularly praised, setting the perfect atmosphere for a celebration filled with love, laughter, and dancing.

Suppliers That Made the Day

This photo shows the inside of a rustic barn at a wedding venue. it is captured from the perspective of a wedding videographer.
This photo shows a first dance of a bride and groom. It is captured from the perspective of a wedding videographer.

The First Dance

Their first dance, to Carly Simon's "Nobody Does It Better," was not just a dance but a moment that encapsulated their love story, symbolizing the perfect start to their lifelong journey together.

Hollie and Callum's Top Tip for Wedding Planning

Their advice to couples embarking on their wedding planning journey is simple yet profound: stay relaxed, work as a team, and focus on what truly matters to you. It's your day, and the goal is to make it a reflection of your love and life together.

Hollie and Callum's wedding was a beautiful blend of elegance, personal touches, and unforgettable moments, a true celebration of their love story. For those dreaming of their perfect wedding, let Hollie and Callum's journey inspire you to embrace what makes your relationship unique and to infuse your big day with elements that truly represent you.


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