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Niki and Paddy's Rustic Autumn Wedding
A Celebration of Love and Country Charm at Stratton Court Barn

Niki and Paddy Rustic Wedding Stratton Court Barn

Niki and Paddy's wedding day was a heartfelt celebration at Stratton Court Barn that beautifully encapsulated their love story, filled with personal touches, laughter, and the rustic charm of autumn. After five adventurous years together, marked by a uniquely charming proposal involving a wheelbarrow and a ring, the couple crafted a wedding day that perfectly mirrored their personalities and shared experiences.

The Proposal Story

The proposal story is as unique as Niki and Paddy themselves, blending humor with romance in a way that only they could. Paddy's playful promise to gift Niki a new wheelbarrow for the stables took a delightful turn when he presented it to her, not just with the practicality of the wheelbarrow but with the sparkle of an engagement ring inside. This unforgettable moment set the stage for their wedding planning journey.

The Wedding Theme

Choosing an Autumn, Country, Rustic theme, the couple aimed to reflect their essence through beautiful autumn colors and simple rustic decorations. The theme resonated with their love for the country lifestyle, accentuated by their decision to celebrate in a venue surrounded by stunning countryside views. Although the weather prevented an outdoor ceremony in the woodland area, they managed to capture the spirit of their theme in their photographs and venue decoration.


The Venue Choice

Their venue Stratton Court Barn, chosen for its intimate setting and breathtaking scenery, offered them the cozy, rustic ambiance they envisioned. While the weather might have shifted their plans slightly, it didn't dampen the spirits or the beauty captured in their woodland pictures, showcasing the deep connection Niki and Paddy share with nature and each other.

Niki and Paddy Rustic Wedding Stratton Court Barn
Niki and Paddy Rustic Wedding Stratton Court Barn

Unforgettable Moments

A standout surprise for their guests was the singing waiter, Joe Harris, who brilliantly eliminated any potential lull between the meal and the music. His performance not only entertained but also perfectly kickstarted the celebration, aligning with the couple's desire for a memorable party atmosphere.

The First Dance

Their first dance, set to Chris Stapleton's "Tennessee Whiskey," was a serendipitous choice that beautifully complemented the day's rustic theme and the couple's journey. Although it was a last-minute change from their original song, it captured the essence of their relationship and the warmth of their love.

Supplier List

  • Wedding Dress: Niki looked stunning in a Pronovios Drail dress from Serendipity Brides.
  • Photographer: Becky Welford, a very good friend of mine, captured the day's magic through her lens, visit Becky Welford Photography.
  • Suits: The men looked dapper, courtesy of Marc Darcy and Next for the little ones.
  • Hair & Makeup: Maira HMUA ensured Niki looked flawless, with her work showcased on Instagram.
  • Flowers: Go Tell The Bees added to the rustic charm with their floral arrangements.
  • Catering: S & J Cuisine delighted guests with their culinary creations.
  • Cake: Nash Bakehouse crafted a beautiful cake that was as delicious as it was visually appealing.
  • Music: The day was filled with music from Ed Cusick and further enchanted by performances from Joe Harris and magician Sylar Bogdan.
Niki and Paddy Rustic Wedding Stratton Court Barn

Niki and Paddy's Top Tip

The couple's advice to future brides and grooms is poignant: "Don’t stress about the tiny things." They emphasize the importance of the overall atmosphere and the joy of celebration over the minutiae, reminding couples that it's the shared moments of joy that leave a lasting impression.

Niki and Paddy's wedding was a testament to their unique story and shared passions, celebrated with close family and friends in a setting that truly represented them. It was a day filled with love, laughter, and the rustic beauty of the countryside, marking the beginning of their next chapter together with unforgettable memories.

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