When should I book my Wedding Videographer?

When should you book your wedding videographer?Good videographers book up years in advance, especially during peak wedding season.

This is a question I've been asked a lot, and the very simple answer is "You should book your wedding videographer as soon as possible" Here's the biggest reason why; Availability.

As wedding videography has become more popular, often as much on the "must have" list as a photographer and a cake, good videographers book up years in advance. I myself have taken bookings as far as 3 years in the future.

If you combine this with peak wedding season, getting your videographer booked as soon as possible is key.

When should I book my wedding videographer?

Once you have got over the initial excitement of your engagement and have started wedding planning in earnest, now is the time to lock in those key suppliers. From venues, to florist, photographers, and videographers, good suppliers get booked up fast and months if not years in advance.

When you have researched your videographer and have a short list of those you may want to film your wedding the very first step should be to enquire if they have your date available. If they do, meet with them, and if you like them, the wedding films they provide are what you are looking for, and they are within your budget then don't hesitate on getting them locked in.

I require a deposit to secure your date, once that is paid, your date is not available for anyone else. If we are already in talks but you have not yet confirmed your booking I will always check with you if another couple enquires about the same date. But it really is crucial to get your date secured to avoid disappointment.

How far in advance can I book my wedding videographer?

This will vary greatly from videographer to videographer, but as a general rule of thumb most will take booking 18 - 24 months in advance. This is also where booking early can make a huge difference as you will be able to secure your date at the current package prices, leaving it too late may mean your wedding videography prices have increased.

Speak to your videographer, it's never too early to enquire if you have your wedding date set. 

Do wedding videographers take last-minute bookings?

This will greatly depend on the videographer and their workload. It is always worth checking with your chosen videographer as they may be able to accommodate your day at short notice.

It's worth remembering that a wedding videographer's job is more than just filming your wedding day, it is also the editing and production of the film. if your videographer is able to fit you in for a last-minute booking be sure to talk to them about timelines for receiving your films, you may find that you may have to wait a little longer for your film if there are other clients who are already booked. I plan my editing days in advance so that I can keep to my schedule.


My top tips for securing the wedding videographer of your dreams

  1. Get in touch with them early.
  2. Get in touch with them even earlier if your is a destination wedding.
  3. Create a short list of wedding videographers, and other suppliers.
  4. Speak to your videographer as soon as possible if they are available for your wedding day.
  5. Don't leave it too long to book.
  6. Look to your venue for recommended suppliers and for recommendations from other wedding suppliers and people you know.

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