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Shelby & Geordie Gillespie's Idyllic Wedding at Crockwell Farm

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Shelby and Geordie Gillespie's wedding day was celebrated with an exquisite ceremony at Crockwell Farm, a venue that encapsulates natural beauty and offers a perfect blend of indoor and outdoor settings. Their wedding, marked by simplicity and a deep connection to their surroundings, was the culmination of an 8-year journey together, beginning with a heartfelt proposal in the serene Peak District.

The Proposal Story

Geordie's proposal to Shelby was as romantic as it was thoughtful, planned during a weekend away to celebrate their fourth anniversary. In the picturesque setting of Padley Gorge, Geordie popped the question in a secluded spot by a stream, leading to an emotional moment filled with tears and joy—a memory they would cherish forever.

Crockwell Farm wedding venue

The Wedding Theme

Opting for minimalistic decor to complement the natural beauty of Crockwell Farm, Shelby and Geordie chose a spring wildflower theme with a relaxed feel. Their favorite color, blue, was subtly incorporated into the decor, enhancing the serene and joyful atmosphere of their special day.


The Venue Choice

Crockwell Farm stood out as the only venue Shelby and Geordie needed to see. Its breathtaking scenery and the ability to mingle with guests in a stunning outdoor setting made it the perfect choice for their wedding. The dedicated staff and the exclusive use of the venue from the day before the wedding until the morning after allowed them to fully enjoy and immerse themselves in their wedding experience without any rush.

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Unforgettable Moments

The wedding was filled with personalized touches, from the choice of their first dance song, "You're My Best Friend" by Queen, to the inclusion of their beloved sausage dog, Stanley.

Guests were especially taken by the venue's beauty and the couple's attention to creating a welcoming and intimate atmosphere.


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Shelby and Geordie cut the wedding cake

Shelby and Geordie's Top Tips for a Wedding to Remember

Shelby and Geordie advise other couples to stay true to themselves and focus on what they desire for their wedding day, rather than trying to please everyone else. They also suggest making the planning process enjoyable by turning it into special date nights, ensuring that the journey to the altar is as delightful as the wedding day itself.

Shelby and Geordie's wedding at Crockwell Farm was a heartfelt celebration of their love, characterized by personal touches and a deep appreciation for their guests and the venue. It was a perfect day that beautifully reflected their personalities and their journey together.